Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's on my needles

I have been getting a bit of knitting done lately which is quite satisfying. I have to stop half way through something else and immediately cast on for this Owl Baby Vest, the very sweeet owl cables just stole my heart. I used a 50 50 wool cotton yarn, which has come up quite nicely and will be a lot cooler for Tessa as we are coming into summer here. It is sized as 9-12m and I added some length to it, which is something I now do for most baby pattern. I like vests for babies a lot as they are very useful and practical for crawling bubbas and so they don't get too hot.

Just need to finish the two armbands and do some embroidery to define a couple of the sweet owl cables. I also decided to carry the owl cables all the way around on the back as well because when Tessa is crawling it would be nice to still see the cabling.

I also finished this Stripe Kitty Cat it has turned out rather sweet and was a good chance to practice my rather lacking embroidery skills.

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