Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet books

Well last week at the local Sally's I found an amazing haul of gorgeous childrens books. Some that remind me of the books my parents had growing and some that were from when I was growing up. I have been quietly developing quite a good sized collection since Tessa arrived and this was an excellent boost to her little library.

The Childrens Bedside Book has lovely colour illustrated classic fairy tales. As does the Childrens Annual which also has games and sweet peoms too. Such as the following:

My Poor Tree
What happened to you, my poor tree,
You look so cold and bare!
And scattered round are all the leaves
That once you use to wear!
"I'm ready for a long, long sleep,
Through winter's snow and rain.
But I'll wake up again spring
And wear green leaves again!"

Inika Allock

I loved Dr Suess and the Spot books as a child, but Paddington is extra special because it reminds me of Grandmother who used love his stories.

But this was my favourite find. 'If mice could Fly' a book we used to love as children, I especially love the brilliant illustrations portraying how the mice can get the best of the cats who are forever trying to catch them.

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