Friday, February 19, 2010

Chasing cats

Tessa has been really enjoying playing with our cats lately. It has been great teaching her to be gentle and pat the nice puss.

They don't always co operate and stay still, so Tessa has to creep up on kitty.

As you can imagine it dosen't always end well, and tears result. Poor wee Tessa. It is quite lovely watching her learn so much as the moment. The other day she was teasing the other cat with my necklace, she was in fits of giggles. It was so gorgeous.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Creative Space

I found these brilliant buttons last month when I visiting my mum for her birthday, Tessa and I surprised her which really quite special. Anyway we went shopping at this really really amazing yarn shop, and these are what I came away with. My self control was quite good for once which is very unusal as normally I would have to buy some yarn any yarn to add to my stash. Anyway getting off topic, these gorgeous wooden heart buttons just had to come with me, I took all they had left. I am thinking a cute little pinafore dresses for Tessa this winter, or maybe to decorate a sweet knitted hat.

I got these gorgeous rose buttons at the same time I just love them. I think a cardy for me, when I finally get around to deciding which one to knit either Mr Greanjeans modified similar to this or the Febuary lady sweater also lengthened. I have 18 50gm balls of cleakheaton country silk yarn, in a charcoal grey with flecks of a lighter grey silk through it, quite a rustic colour.

This is something else I have sneaking away to sew, its not quite finished but I thought I would like to share. A sweet wee dress for Tessa to wear to my sister in laws wedding. Its made from lovely light muslin. The lining is from a muslin wrap of Tessa's that we didn't need, so this is kind of a refashion.

A close up of some of the detailing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Choosing fabric, maybe you can help?

Maybe you could help me
I am a little stuck and I need some girly advice, I need to choose what fabric I should use to make myself something, to wear to my sister in laws wedding in March. This is what I have narrowed it down to, three fabrics. Keeping in mind I am a red head, (not bright orange, more of a strawberry blond) with a pale complexion with more than my fair share of freckles, hehe.
The first is probably my favorite a gorgeous chiffon 2m with beautiful colour( this is see through but I have some black muslin I can line it with). But I am a little bit chicken to wear this much colour especially since I am still carrying quite a lot of post baby weight, maybe better on the bottom half.
The second is another lovely fabric silk chiffon 5m, a beautiful grape colour (also see through I could also use the black muslin as lining).
And the last is quite a nice leaf print cotton 2m, a more subdued colour which I would be a little more comfortable with but possibly not dressy enough for a wedding.

Now the patterns, the above one I was thinking of doing the third from the left on the bottom, possibly for any of the fabrics but would probably best in the second one, the grape silk. But since I am still breastfeeding a bit of alteration would be needed for easier access. I could also shorten this pattern and wear it as a top with skirt the pattern below.

This pattern A I thought would also be suitable for the grape silk fabric, but the body fabric is supposed to a knit fabric. I could just add bit to the width for ease and this might work.

This pattern would probably suit the first fabric in either view C or B

And this pattern I really like the the skirt A, which would suit either of the first two fabrics

And the last pattern I promise. I like either view B or E. The fabric could be any of the three

So what do you think? Any ideas? Advice? would be very much appreciated. Please help me I would love to hear all your thoughts.