Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue mountains etc

Some gorgeous shots of the Blue Mountains, we were lucky enough to have a stunning, clear day when we visited on our wee holiday to Australia. We went to visit family and surprised my lovely SIL for her 30th birthday. She just thought my MIL was coming to visit for ten days but it was her hubby's brilliant idea that Tessa, Ian and I come too and surprise her. And boy was she surprised it was so fun and we had a lovely time.

The famous three sisters, rock formation.

We went to this really great wildlife 45mins south of Wollongong. Where you could buy bags of animal food and feed quite a range of the animals, from goats and emus to kangaroos and alpacas.

Tessa was fascinated, and really enjoyed the kangaroos which were tame enough to get up close and personal. Here she is with her Uncle and Aunty feeding this friendly and hungry kangaroo.

We also stayed two nights in Sydney at Darling Harbour and did the tourist things like go on the ferry to manly beach and have their famous fish n chips. We went to the opera house and had a look, it really is quite stunning architecture. I really enjoyed the restaurants we had Italian the first night and Spanish the second night for the birthday dinner, the Tapas were very popular.
Were very lucky to get home as the very disruptive ash cloud arrived as we were about to fly home.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pizza making, Tessa style

On Sunday Tessa and I made Daddy his favourite, pizza mmm. Something great to make when your food supplies are getting low, although I would preferred a few more veges, hehe.

Tessa had a great time, sampling at every stage. She followed instructions well and didn't want to miss out on any step.

Here is the yummy finished product, mmm tasty.

The slightly out of order pics, but you get the idea. I think her favourite part was the rolling, something she like to do a lot, whether it's rolling on the floor or rolling toys along.