Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More great Op-Shop finds

Some gorgeous wee summer dresses to add to Tessa's evergrowing collection. The one on the left is a very sweet handmade one possibly from a recycled sheet.

The dress on the right has very lovely embroidery of a train with circus animals with cute blue gingham.

In the suitcase are some handy glass jars to use in the sewing room maybe to store buttons. A really good find was the pie dish, I haven't seen them before in op-shop just what I had needed. And the start of my tea cup collection, I love the sweet striped blue one.
Sorry about the terrible lighting in the photos they just don't do it proper justice. It was just before a big thunderstorm came sweeping through, we could see the black clouds coming across the paddocks. DH saw horizontal lightening which is rather awesome wish we got photos of that.


  1. oh those dresses are just darling!


  2. very charming collection! That little suitcase is just darling!