Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pre birthday celebrations

A couple of weeks Tessa and four little boys celebrated an early second group birthday.
We all met at antenatal yoga class and have meeting every week since the babies were about six weeks old. It has been really lovely to have other parents to relate to as we went through challenges and fun of raising our first babies.

The really yummy birthday cake, but they were more interested in motorbikes, hehe. Who needs themed parties when you can just celebrate on a farm with awesome sheds.

I made felt birthday crowns for everyone with their initial on the top. Although keeping them on the kids was a little challenging. They were quite simple and there are heaps of tutorials on the internet if you interested.

The gorgeous Rori, younger brother of one of the birthday boys.

Everyone had a great time and it was great for all the dads to catch up too.