Friday, January 29, 2010

My creative space

Well I managed to sneak a bit sewing into this week here and there and finished this cute little bodysuit for Tessa. It's made from organic cotton knit fabric on sale at the local fabric shop, I was most impressed and at this price of $7.50m, I am actually a little skeptical about its authenticity. But I will hope that it is what I have been led to believe as it's just what I needed. As you can see Tessa's skin flares up with teething and the constant dribble has irritated her skin so she has had weeks of a horrible rash on her chest too, I have tried everything, so I thought some organic cotton might help. Tessa is needing the next size up bodysuit for this coming season, it's still quite roomy which is great. I also added a bit of length to make room for cloth nappies.

The sweet little owl was made from fabric scraps I had picked up from the opp shop. After I made this one, I did a whole lot of owl sketches and I will attempt an even cuter little owl next time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tessa Tuesday

This is what happens when your baby wrestles you for your camera.

Revenge of the teething drool monster.

Such sweet smile.

She has the funniest fascination with my tummy button.

And she really likes it when you blow on her face.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little bit of vege

This is my tiny bit of a vegetable garden, all that I have managed to get growing this season. It has been quite productive though with lettuce, silverbeet, onions, zucchini and beans to name a few. I am really looking forward to the tomatoes and capsicum, it will be great if I can bottle a few tomatoes since I use so much in cooking.

I have done a little bit of companion planting. With marigolds to repel nematodes and other pests. And cleome, the spider plant to attract the vegetable bug away from the tomatoes. It's lovely to brighten up the vege garden with these flowers and know they have a purpose too.

These red bunching onions have been really good value, they keep multiplying even when you harvest the onions off the side of the plant.

mmmm baking

Yum yum I made the best chocolate brownie ever (not being modest or anything, hehe). The recipe was the coconut chocolate brownie from the classic Edmond's cookbook, but with a brilliant addition of fresh gorgeous raspberries from the South Island.

( Please note, do not continue reading this post if you do not agree with organic food production).

I tried out this lovely cocoa for the first time. It provided a great result and it is so nice to have some more organic food options in this small town, well done trade aid. And bonus to support fair trade and sustainable practices. Next it would be nice for a wider range of staple organic food options to be stocked in the supermarkets. Maybe even, dare I say it organic butter, or a wider selection in other organic foods. I am becoming more and more concerned with the vast amount of chemicals we come into contact with everyday with out any choice, it seems a small cost to pay a little bit extra for adding organic food to the day to day menu. It has reassuring to see more information about this in mainstream media such as the dirty dozen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

:: A present for my new (old) clothesline

Yippee I have a new clothesline. I know it sounds strange to be so excited something so domestic and mundane. But if you saw how frustrating the other one was, imagine sheets trailing on the grass collecting clippings and not being able to fit everything (with all the extra washing Tessa creates, hehe) then you would understand.

So I made a simple pegs basket from this tutorial, it was quick and easy. Perfect for my small window of opportunity, baby sleep time. I used a lovely old curtain already lined from the op shop and a baby clotheshanger which is much easier than breaking the ends of a full sized one.

Now all I need to do is plant something fragrant underneath and hanging washing will be a little bit more wonderful.

Friday, January 8, 2010

:: A quick refashion

This was a very easy refashion. Which is perfect when you only have a little bit time up your sleeve. Take two faded misshapen singlets that you no longer wear and a pair of pinking shears. Cut up into what ever shapes you like and you have a stack of handy cleaning cloths. These could also be good as nappy wipes or dish cloths.

In hindsight they would have better if I had cut them it a bit larger. The different colours could be used for different uses, such as kitchen and bathroom. I had got low on dishcloths so this is what I came up with. If you don't have pinking sheers you could edge with an overlocker or zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Devil

Our little devil is so sweet she loves plums so much that she stole this one straight out of my hands. It was the last of our christmas plums. I think they might Black Doris, its a wonderful old rustic enormous tree. They are so wonderful and sweet with a delicious dark flesh and skin.

She is quite clever feeding herself and I think she knows it. Hehe

Needless to say it took a while to clean up. It is really good that Tessa is enjoying such wholesome food, there is nothing better than homegrown goodness. It is so simple to avoid the awful shop bought baby food, with a little planning of course (I know it not always easy especially at the beginning). I just put aside a little of what we are having for dinner before seasoning it. Then whiz it up with a stick whiz (I think that is what its called) to what ever consistency that baby requires and voila! For example tonight we had sweetcorn on the cob, carrots, potatoes and sausages. So I cut the corn off the cob and along with the carrots whizzed it up. Since I don't really want Tessa to eat sausages (I know they are rubbish but sometimes that all you have) I added half a can of tuna. This turned out really quite yummy with a lovely flavour from the tuna. Tessa agreed and polished off the lot. There was plenty left over so I froze it in ice cubes. This allows you to defrost what you want later for other meals when you are short of time. None of this advice is anything really new but it is good practical stuff for new parents.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a bit of this and a bit of that

We have been loving our little wooden block train lately, a great toy for a range of ages. The neighbour's three year daughter loved it when they were over for a playdate the other week. It was great this year at Tessa's first christmas, that she received some really lovely wooden toys and other gifts. It was nice that the family had kind of got the hint that wooden rather plastic was more appropriate for toy selection. A lasting and quality, more green choice.

Tessa loves paying on her "inside horsey'!! especially when he gallops around the room.

I was lucky to escape to the sewing room the other day while Daddy had some quality time with our little lovely Tessa. This is some of what I managed to achieve. Four tri-fold nappy inserts made of hemp and bamboo. They feel so soft and absorbent.