Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yay yarn!

My first attempt at crochet and it wasn't as difficult as I imagined. It is the beginning of a grannie square blanket (what a funny weird name).

I used some left over merino 4ply print yarn, which is quite cosy and lovely, that I used to make Tessa a baby blanket with lace edging when I was pregnant. I think this grannie square blanket will be great for using up little bits and pieces left over from other projects floating around my yarn stash.

On tuesday it was pouring with rain and we were in town getting the car serviced, so I had to stop in at the yarn shop to feed Tessa. So of course I had to buy some yarn especially when I found these on sale. A 8ply wool silk blend at $3.00 per ball in the perfect colour I had been looking for to finally knit something for myself. I purchased it thinking I would make the beautiful Backbone vest I found in a Knit1 magazine I got last year, but I think I'm not quite experienced enough to tackle this one yet. So I think I will knit something else probably a cardi with sleeves maybe even a hood as this gorgeous yarn is just so cheap. I looked on ravelry these are couple of possibles I found this one which looks great and this one or possibly even this one. But I still like the idea of one with cables so I cast on for something totally different some mary jane slippers a quick knit to get me motivated.

I also found this lovely 100% wool yarn there was only four balls left and at the same awesome low price of $3.00 per ball I just had to snap them up too. Not sure what to knit with them I think it look good in the yarn stash for now.

Some cute photos of Tessa playing in her toy basket she loves pulling everything out and examining each toy. It has been great for keeping her happy when she starts to get a bit irritable.


  1. Looks like you & Tess are having a wonderful day! Hope you're feeling better :) xxx

  2. Great yarns, and I dont think they make the Country Silk anymore do they as I havent seen any around here for quite a while now. It does knit up very nicely though. Your daughter looks as though she enjoys her toy basket full of toys!