Thursday, May 26, 2011

Autumn Gold

Well I was looking a few photos on my camera and I thought I would brighten a dreary day and post a few from autumn in the garden. The above is a shot of the nz native hibiscus (the proper name eludes me at the moment). It's quite a subtle pale yellow bloom which only last for a day and the plant is frost tender, but it seems to keep going in our garden every season as it self sows really nicely.

Above is a sweet little nasturtium which you will probably recognize the shape. But this once is a love red orange cultivar which I bought in a mixed punnet a few years ago. Like the hibiscus above it's managed to survive in my garden as it's also a great self seeder.

I just love her gorgeous semi golden curly locks, don't you.

And Tansy above is a great companion plant for stone fruit trees. I have it planted around an early heritage peach called 'Orion' which fruits in early December, which is a lovely start to summer.

And finally this gorgeous golden miniature sunflower is such good value for an annual as is keeps blooming for a long time. Helped along by the sweet Tessa and her deadheading (bringing mummy pretty flowers). Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with a little golden happiness.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


To celebrate mother's day, my sweet wee girl!!

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