Friday, October 23, 2009

spring show

Last weekend we went to the Gisborne spring agricultural and pastoral show. It was a lovely day out for the family. DH entered some lambs into four different classes and had great results he got two seconds and a third. This was really special because it was his first time entering and first year managing the farm. There was plenty to see at the show, among the usual sideshows and rides I found these.

They are very cute jungle finger puppets. The detail is amazing, what was just as amazing was the huge bin fill of the with all sorts of types including cartoon characters such as the simpsons. Ther was some great craft areas with competitions for knitting to cake decoration to decorated sand plate. It was such a shame my camera batteries went flat so I didn't get any photos to share with you.

Here is a photo Tessa just because she is so sweet and cute. She has been getting very good on her tummy and rolling a lot.

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