Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A belated birthday post

Our sweet tiny lovely Tessa turned one this month, so hard to believe it's already been a year. She has grown so much and her amazing cheeky personality has really blossomed, I think she will keep us on our toes as she grows up.
Here she is in her new trolley that her clever aunty and uncle made. What a brilliant job they did, worth the late night as it was her favorite present by far. She has already learnt how to turn corners and back up when she hits the wall. She is so close to walking and has taken a few steps already.

The owl birthday cake I made her, carrot cake with too runny cream cheese icing. Oh well there will be many more birthdays for me to practice and perfect it. She has an owl soft toy that she loves to cuddle and squish up to, so I thought that would be a simple idea for her cake.

Tessa opening presents with mummy's assistance. She didn't really get into it as she was so tired the poor wee thing (shh Tessa you could try have longer day sleeps, just bit longer). Next year I bet she will tear into the presents without any help at all. Thanks to everyone for the lovely presents she has been enjoying them. She seems to be getting a nice collection of peter rabbit toys and books the lucky thing.

We look forward to another amazing year with you our tiny lovely Tessa.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A couple of friends and their gorgeous little boys spent the day with us at Eastwoodhill arboretum for their easter centennial celebrations. It was a lovely day and we had a picnic lunch. The arboretum was beautiful but I got a little distracted with taking photos of our darlings. Hopefully we will being going again in a couple weeks and I will take some photos of the amazing trees, especially now the stunning autumn colours have fully developed.

Here is Tessa contemplating her empty marmite sandwich container wonder where they all disappeared to. I made hot cross buns for the first time, which everyone enjoyed. One of the other lovely mums bought the most gorgeous scrummy homemade jam to go with them. Peach and Vanilla pod, honestly this is the best jam I have ever tasted, it was like summer captured in a jar. I must get the recipe, hopefully I will be allowed to share it with you.

They are very good at 'sharing', which is good except for all the colds getting passed around. Oh well I guess it is immune system building, as long as the colds aren't too nasty.