Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here's Corrin in one of my latest test knits, Tobias.  A very sweet cabled cardi for our wee leprechaun by the very talented Georgie of Tikki Knits. 

I used some gorgeous 'Bark Fairy' 8ply superwash, dyed by the very talented indie dyer Jo of Jodulbug.

Tessa decided she needed to get on the photo action. I'm so glad she did, they look very cute together, these are some my favourite photos of them together.

 Another test knit for Georgie in progress, a Griffin sleeveless hoodie.  I have been knitting this with Mosaic Moon 'Bean Sidhe' and 'Moonlight' semi on BFL Aran, a stunning yarn from Morwenna.  I can't wait to finish this, it's a very clever pattern.