Friday, October 9, 2009

stuff happening here

From Meet Me At Mikes! from the ever-blogging, ever-tweeting Pip. How does she have the time?

Making: many things including for Tessa a knitted owl vest, Merino star sleep sak, Quilt for her new room, hemp bibs and things to put on my soon to be new shop on
Cooking: Roasted vege couscous salad with feta cheese and balsamic vinegarette, handemade beef patties, gingerbread, and trying to make some babyfood that Tessa will like, so far the shop stuff is too popular
Drinking: healtheries lemon and ginger with an apple twist, also endless cups of bournvita
Reading: Just finished, in the middle of the night New Moon the sequel to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Just thinking about starting Queen of swords by Sara Donati the fifth in the Into the wilderness series which I have enjoyed immensely. Also lots of craft magazines especially World sweet world check put there blog
Wanting: A clean house and the time to get stuck into the vege garden
Looking: out the window at the garden that calls to me for attention but enjoying the spring flowers.
Playing: blowing raspberries on Tessa's tummy with lots of giggles
Wasting: Time on the internet when I need to get everything organised for the BBQ tonight.
Sewing: Summer clothes for myself and developing breastfeeding tops that are cooler to wear.
Wishing: For more hours in the day and motivation to use them wisely
Enjoying: Catching up with friends and family
Waiting: For the sun to come out
Liking: Blogtober so many new interesting blogs to follow!!!
Wondering: If Hubby might like a cuppa too
Loving: Being a mother, the best thing ever!!!
Hoping: to visit my grandfather next month to introduce him to his first great grandchild
Marvelling: At how Tessa has grown in her short six months of life
Needing: to get myself organised for christmas with my family
Smelling: the veges roasting for the above salad
Wearing: My favorite op shop wool cardi, print tee, comfy jeans and sloppy slippers (argh very fabulous, not)
Following: Lots of blogs
Noticing: the cat circling at my feet wanting to be fed
Knowing: I need to exercise more, a lot more
Thinking: How lucky we all are
Bookmarking: Many blogs to check out later
Opening: Lots cupboards trying to find my favourite cup
Giggling: at sweet Tessa as she screws her face up at pureed apples
Feeling: Content
Join in!

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