Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogtober: Creative Space: the start of a handmade stash

Well this is the start of a much needed handmade stash of fitted nappies. As you may have guessed we will be welcoming a new sweet and cuddling addition to our family soon. A small explanation for the very quite blog of late. The big day will be sometime at the end of January. Tessa is very excited and asks continually when Bubby will be arriving and we say after Christmas when it's hot with big smiles.

I'm quite pleased with how these nappies turned out, quite simple really. I used a free pattern from the TNN or The nappy network, what a wealth of information this New Zealand website is.
Now to get a production line going, I wonder how many of these I should make? Any suggestions? Lots I would think :D

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  1. Oh I am impressed! I have been meaning to make some for 5 years now....but I am guessing I never will now my youngest is 2 years old. Yours are so cute :)

  2. Gorgeous nappies. Your new addition will look fabulous on those I'm sure and what a great thing for the environment!