Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Devil

Our little devil is so sweet she loves plums so much that she stole this one straight out of my hands. It was the last of our christmas plums. I think they might Black Doris, its a wonderful old rustic enormous tree. They are so wonderful and sweet with a delicious dark flesh and skin.

She is quite clever feeding herself and I think she knows it. Hehe

Needless to say it took a while to clean up. It is really good that Tessa is enjoying such wholesome food, there is nothing better than homegrown goodness. It is so simple to avoid the awful shop bought baby food, with a little planning of course (I know it not always easy especially at the beginning). I just put aside a little of what we are having for dinner before seasoning it. Then whiz it up with a stick whiz (I think that is what its called) to what ever consistency that baby requires and voila! For example tonight we had sweetcorn on the cob, carrots, potatoes and sausages. So I cut the corn off the cob and along with the carrots whizzed it up. Since I don't really want Tessa to eat sausages (I know they are rubbish but sometimes that all you have) I added half a can of tuna. This turned out really quite yummy with a lovely flavour from the tuna. Tessa agreed and polished off the lot. There was plenty left over so I froze it in ice cubes. This allows you to defrost what you want later for other meals when you are short of time. None of this advice is anything really new but it is good practical stuff for new parents.

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