Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little bit of vege

This is my tiny bit of a vegetable garden, all that I have managed to get growing this season. It has been quite productive though with lettuce, silverbeet, onions, zucchini and beans to name a few. I am really looking forward to the tomatoes and capsicum, it will be great if I can bottle a few tomatoes since I use so much in cooking.

I have done a little bit of companion planting. With marigolds to repel nematodes and other pests. And cleome, the spider plant to attract the vegetable bug away from the tomatoes. It's lovely to brighten up the vege garden with these flowers and know they have a purpose too.

These red bunching onions have been really good value, they keep multiplying even when you harvest the onions off the side of the plant.

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