Thursday, January 21, 2010

mmmm baking

Yum yum I made the best chocolate brownie ever (not being modest or anything, hehe). The recipe was the coconut chocolate brownie from the classic Edmond's cookbook, but with a brilliant addition of fresh gorgeous raspberries from the South Island.

( Please note, do not continue reading this post if you do not agree with organic food production).

I tried out this lovely cocoa for the first time. It provided a great result and it is so nice to have some more organic food options in this small town, well done trade aid. And bonus to support fair trade and sustainable practices. Next it would be nice for a wider range of staple organic food options to be stocked in the supermarkets. Maybe even, dare I say it organic butter, or a wider selection in other organic foods. I am becoming more and more concerned with the vast amount of chemicals we come into contact with everyday with out any choice, it seems a small cost to pay a little bit extra for adding organic food to the day to day menu. It has reassuring to see more information about this in mainstream media such as the dirty dozen.


  1. Thanks for the dirty dozen link, those are really disturbing figures! And who could not agree with organic food production? You'd have to be a real idiot to WANT chemicals and hormones in your food!

  2. With you on the butter! Sometimes I think it would be easier to milk a cow & make it myself ;) . We're so close to Hawke's Bay, but so far away in terms of what we can get out here...

  3. Seeing grapes on the list reminds me why organic wine is awesome! ;) (not that I'm biased in any way of course!)