Sunday, January 3, 2010

a bit of this and a bit of that

We have been loving our little wooden block train lately, a great toy for a range of ages. The neighbour's three year daughter loved it when they were over for a playdate the other week. It was great this year at Tessa's first christmas, that she received some really lovely wooden toys and other gifts. It was nice that the family had kind of got the hint that wooden rather plastic was more appropriate for toy selection. A lasting and quality, more green choice.

Tessa loves paying on her "inside horsey'!! especially when he gallops around the room.

I was lucky to escape to the sewing room the other day while Daddy had some quality time with our little lovely Tessa. This is some of what I managed to achieve. Four tri-fold nappy inserts made of hemp and bamboo. They feel so soft and absorbent.

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  1. Tessa is a little cutie! I love our wooden train too - Austy got it for his first birthday and it's still a great toy for him at 4 as it takes some thinking to put it back together... my just turned 1yr old Madelyn pulls it all aparft as she pushes it around saying "brmmmmm" and then Austy has the fun of rebuilding. Toys that suit a wide age range are a fantastic find, especially when you have more than one child or other kids over for a visit. One of my favourites is the stacking villa: Cute for the nursery and keeps them all amused!