Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amy for Kate

In august our much anticipated niece arrived, the very sweet Kate.  Who we are very excited to be meeting at Christmas time.  Her parents aren't big fan's of the traditional pastel baby colours such as pink.  Which I really have to agree with, so I was delighted to find this perfect red in my stash to knit this wee cardi.  I used my special skein of Vintage Purls Max sock yarn which I had been saving.  Vintage Purls Max is wonderful to knit with, and I can't wait to knit something else with it.

I tested the prem size for this gorgeous Tiny Amy Cardi for the very talented Sarah of Sezza Knits. The pattern is very well written has cool techniques, like cabling without a cable needle which I am so very happy to learn as it saves so much time.  It was perfect for the Tobias Cardi which I knitted next.  I love the V neck on this design, which is so practical for babies short wee necks and looks great on older children too.  The big sister design the Amy Cardi is sized from NB to 12yrs so it's a great value pattern. I can't wait for the adult pattern which I hope to test.


  1. Its gorgeous. What beautiful buttons as well.

  2. Oh it is so cute and your niece looks adorable in it too.

  3. That colour is lovely...nice change from the baby colours. xx