Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A very special week

We have had quite a busy week like most people do but a few special things have happened.

My lovely MIL came down and helped prune my roses with was brilliant and quite satisfying. It is a bit late in the season but they missed out last year, so like they say better late than never. It was easier to see where to prune as the buds had already started to shoot. We pruned them quite hard but this will hopefully rejuvenate the plants. I got a good lesson in technique as sadly my rose pruning skills are a bit lacking.

I finally finished making my baby wrap, you would it wouldn't be to difficult and it wasn't really. It was made from two lengths of cotton knit fabric 4.5- 5m by 50 - 55cm (two colours look quite nice)
- These are sewn right sides together down the long sides and turned right sides out.
- Then the end are cut in a triangle shape and folded in an sewn.
- Lining up the two pieces to be measured the same width all along and pinned on a polished wooden floor was a bit tricky ( after I finished of course I had the idea to tape the the bottom layer to floor to stop movement).

After a lesson in tieing the wrap from a few local girls we took it for test walk and Tessa and I went down to see daddy at the sheep yards and help chase sheep. A success I think and I wish I made it sooner.

Yesterday I purchased my first digital camera, I'm so excited, it's red. I even managed to bargain the price and get $40 off. I am quite pleased with myself. I have to wait till Sunday to pick it up as there wasn't any red ones in stock.

A special thing happened a few days ago one of my friends had her first baby a gorgeous wee boy called Jett.

The most special thing of the week to occur was the wedding of my best friend. Now this wasn't your run of the mill type wedding. It was wedding disguised as the groom's 30Th birthday party.
At about 7pm the announcement was made that there was going to be a wedding, everyone looked around wondering who it was going to be. Then the stars of the show was announced and the crowd roared with approval and happiness.
Tables and chairs were moved and an aisle was created and we sat and waited for the bridal party to arrive. Now I haven't told you that this was a fancy dress birthday party. Someone heard the car and the music started and the guests hold their breaths and a Robot an two rocks stars come through the door and everyone bursts into laughter, the poor robot trys to melt into the crowd but it's just not possible.
Then someone does here the bridal car and the amazing surprise wedding begins. First the two bridesmaid dressed in little black dresses come down the aisle one after the other. Then the gorgeous 13month daughter of the bride and groom come down the aisle wearing the same wee dress that the bride wore for her mother's wedding, carried by her grandmother. And finally beeeeautiful amazing bride walks down the aisle wearing white strapless gown with silver threading over the bodice and skirt, carrying a bouquet of white roses and chrysanthemums.
And the ceremony began with beautiful vows written by the couple, and when it came to the rings the poor groom dropped his but picked it up quickly saying 5 second rule and everyone laughter. It was beautiful amazing wedding which I felt honored to be a part of and let in on the secret, I did the flowers which turned out quite well. From all the compliments they got. Congratulation's and I wish you all the best !!!!!!!!

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