Friday, August 28, 2009

spring has risen

Yay we have risen from the depths of winter to the beautiful arrival of spring. All the amazing blossom has burst with promose of delicious fruit in summer. Everything is growing before our eyes I'm sure I can actually see the grass growing. This is nice and a relief as the farm has been getting quite short on grass. I am quite aware that time is running out for pruning the roses, hence I was even more upset when the steers kept breaking into the garden and demolishing (pruning so kindly, yeah right) everything in sight that they didn't prune my roses.

Many things are happening around here I am thinking of giving Tessa her first taste of solids soon which is exciting and sad at the same time she will be leaving the gorgeous milk baby stage and starting the cute big girl solids stage. She is getting quite close to rolling over, nearly there three quarters over but not knowing what to do with her arm.

On a sadder note our eldest cat poor mr kitty has broken his front right leg. We have no idea how this happened but he is now stuck inside for 8 weeks so he can't get his cast wet. Poor thing has to drag is cast around and you can hear coming from across the room. He stands next to the door and meows for us to let him out, it breaks my heart.

Must go miss tiny lovely is in need of my attention.

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