Saturday, September 19, 2009

crafty fun and mayhem

Poor Tessa has just woken up and is not impressed with camera. She looks gorgeous though snuggling under great grandma's crochet blanket, love the stripey border. Wish I could crochet but I think I have enough craft obsessions to master.

I made this sleep sack a month for a dear wee girl our one year old friend. She had been waking up in the night crying and sitting up getting cold and not being able to lie down again. Hopefully this will help stop her getting so cold. It's made with a cotton fleece outer and merino knit lining, all from my stash which helps the budget. The star is my first go applique and I think it was a success.

This is my yarn stash after I finally sorted out the corner it was in. The basket came from a picnic set we were given for a wedding present which wasn't doing much in the cupboard so I thought I put it to use. Since taking this photo more yarn has been purchased and soon there won't be enough room. Oh well it looks nice and I love the thrill of buying more yarn with numerous projects in mind. Since discovering my knitting dreams have got a wee bit out of control, hehe I know I am not alone in this.


  1. Wow, I love how you've stored your wool in the picnic basket - super chic! I might give it a go with my pile of crafty odds and ends.

  2. I really want to learn how to crochet too and I already have too many craft obsessions but that's never stopped me before!

    Found you through Blogtober!