Sunday, August 2, 2009


Birthday season is upon us well that is exaggerating but we have gone to two little girls first birthday parties in the last couple weeks. It was lovely catching up with a lot people that i hadn't seen Tessa's arrival.
This got me inspired I wanted to give presents that are unique are not just going to be a forgotten mess of broken plastic toys. So the solution was to make something what I came up with was a personalied cushion to go in their bedroom. They are made with a fold over back (similar to a pillowcase) for easy access if they need to be washed and I sewed a big coloured heart on the front with the little girl full name glued on in felt letters. I also put their date of birth in felt letters on the back. I will photos as soon as I can (Im still in the dark ages and only have a film camera which I scan photos from).
A exciting thing happen last weekend (well it was for me and after all the hype you may be let down) I was able to get in the vege garden and weed, dig and plant. I put in red bunching onions, parsley and three type of brassicas. I managed to finish between showers of rain before it really started. Perfect they were nicely watered in without any effort

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