Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creative Space - A fresh batch of Bibs

Today I have been experimenting with a little bit of dying. Well trying to dye opp-shop woolies, the first attempt was in the washing machine with a nice dark green machine dylon dye. Umm maybe it would be a very good idea to read the fine print, at the bottom "does not dye wool". Second try I hope will be more successful, will have to wait and see. I used a denim blue hand dye dylon which does dye wool.

Above is a pic of the custom order for one of my little reversible merino bomber hats. The sweet little model/recipient is in our Kindermusik class which is every Tuesday morning. Tessa loves music and gets very excited each tuesday when I tell her its music today. She has really thrived on it and has great rhythm unlike her parents, hehe.

Another order of Bandana Bibs completed for the website I supply. I have two sizes, 0-12mth and 12mth+. I started making them after we had so much trouble with Tessa's teething rash, they were great as they sit just under the chin catching all that dribble.
I have been trying out my new toy a SNAP PRESS, yay no more bashed thumbs as I hammer on snaps. And much faster too.

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