Tuesday, November 3, 2009

latest fabric finds

My latest finds at the local op-shops, some gorgeous fabrics.

A really lovely fringed seventies single bedspread, its quite a nice heavy weight cotton, I think it will be perfect for Tessa to play on under shady trees in the summer. It was so hot today it already feels like summer.

A gorgeous rose cotton print on one side and a really lovely blue cotton floral on the other side of this single duvet cover. What a find, I think it will be perfect for a couple of summer skirts for me.

Another brilliant find was this very sweet fairy flanellette single sheet, I can't decide if I should cut into it and make Tessa some cosy winter PJs for next winter or leave it for when she moves into a big girls bed. The purple floral is a pillowcase just the right size for a little wee summer dress for Tessa. The green and pink floral is a lovely little tablecloth with a few holes I didn't notice, maybe another little summer dress?


  1. I love the way these finds represent so many wonderful possibilites and crafty moments. I am sure you will have fun transforming them into loved items again.

  2. - i've never thought of fabric shopping in places other than spotlight - silly me!

    Your so clever!